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203: Jamie Oliver is Batman.

In Season 2 on January 4, 2013 at 3:55 pm


Batman: The After Dark Knight

Why Batman only fights crime at night:

  • Because baddies have day jobs
  • Because the flames that come out of the batmobile look cooler at night
  • Because bats are nocturnal, and he didn’t want anyone to question the logic of his name
  • But mostly, to avoid getting a lower face tan.

The Zombie Weight Loss Program

Step 1: get bitten by a zombie
Step 2: only eat lean meats (e.g., brains)
Step 3: go walking, all day and all night, and never stop
Step 4: watch your decomposing weight fall off right before your eyes.

Jamie Oliver’s 7 and a half minute meals

After the success of 30 minute meals and 15 minute meals, Jamie Oliver is back to break the cooking land speed record again. First, you have to get into the 7 and a half minute meal mindset by pulling out something you prepared earlier, for example, leftovers or a microwave meal that you can buy from almost any corner shop. Second, bang it in the microwave, 7 minutes is plenty to reheat anything. Third, plate it up in your remaining 30 seconds, and wallah, there you have it, a delicious, home heated up meal on the table within 7 and a half minutes.