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201: Chinese Bladder Poetry.

In Season 2 on January 2, 2013 at 7:45 pm

snakes and ladders

Chinese Kisses
The game is pretty simple. Everyone sits in a circle, and it begins with a peck on the cheek. By the time it comes around again it’s something completely different.

Snakes and Bladders
Step 1: play snakes and ladders.
Step 2: take shots of beer, or other liquid of your choice, equal to your dice roll.
Step 3: you’re not allowed to go to the toilet til you make it to the end of the board.

Rap vs Poetry
Rap is just smack talk poetry,
By egotistical boys who disagree,
About their level of street credibility,
Dishing out burns of the third degree,
No regard for who’s hurt by the debris,
Til one’s the winner by the crowd’s decree,
But this gangster wordplay ain’t the life for me,
Swap the popping caps for pleasantries,
Sitting on the porch with some books and tea,
Much more enjoyable I can guarantee.


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