Return to the mothership.

109: Ironyman

In Season 1 on January 23, 2011 at 9:52 pm

So as you may have noticed I’ve taken a couple of days off from blogging, and will subsequently be taking a couple more to actually get some work done on material for my first open mic in the near future.

But in the spirit of slightly regular posts, here’s an extremely short, incomplete list of things I find ironic, at this point in time.

Ironman’s suit is built from a gold-titanium alloy.

Due to poor editing of the opening of the credits, there is a scientific inaccuracy in every single episode of the Big Bang Theory.

People who wear the shirt saying “Sarcasm is one of the services I offer” always look like the most unsarcastic people. But if indeed they are quite sarcastic, then the shirt is not.

Alcohol only inhibits one thing, inhibition.

In the case your phone isn’t working please call the customer helpline.

One of my favourite comics. Can you tell?


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