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103: Odds and Ends

In Season 1 on December 22, 2010 at 5:07 pm

After another morning at work, I’m too tired to come up with anything new. So I thought I’d post some odds and ends that I had on my phone. From fleeting thoughts to curious observations, recorded whenever it is socially appropriate for me to pull out my phone.

There are two reasons they don’t offer free to air tv on aeroplanes. One, it would seem unfair to charge passengers for it. And two, it would mean that you could get channel 7, so you don’t miss the weekly screening of air crash investigations, which just happens to be doing a special on the carrier you chose to fly with.

There is a tv set up at work, so that we can keep an eye on the cricket. And on slow days I like to come up with, what just isn’t cricket.

Soft balls, it’s just not cricket.

Batting without a partner, it’s just not cricket.

Diving for the crease, it’s just not cricket.

And that’s the extent of my cricket innuendos, for now.

You can tell the imperial system is going out of fashion because nobody calls their kids Miles anymore. I hear they’re all opting for Kilometres.

So I heard that Due Date was being advertised as the “road trip” movie of the year. In other news, Devil has won the best “suspense scene in an elevator award”, Harry Potter 7 Part 1 won the “best film based on a book by J.K. Rowling” and Avatar won the “film of the year” out of pity and in hope that James Cameron wouldn’t release it again next year in another effort to get the top award.

Summer is kind of here. While it has been raining for much of it so far, it has been warm enough for snakes and spiders to wake up again. Which got me thinking, that was one thing I really liked about New Zealand, the only way for a spider to kill you in NZ is for you to get too scared, fall over and hit your head with enough force in the right spot.

Well I think that is enough for today. Hopefully it was entertaining enough for you to keep reading to the end (and still be interested), because obviously you did if you got this far. Unless you are one of the people who skips to the end just to find out what happens. Well, Dumbledore dies. I hope you’re happy. Can you tell I haven’t read the 7th book yet?

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